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WVCW Radio is an independent, student radio station broadcasting out of Richmond, Virginia.  In other words, while we are hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University, they have no direct oversight over our content.  Because of this, we can promise you we’re the most honest college radio station there is.  Everything you hear is unfiltered (but still clean)!

Some people say that radio is a dying medium.  We disagree.  WVCW Radio has been around for more than forty years, and we’re planning on sticking around.  While other college radio stations struggle to attract listeners in the age of iTunes and Spotify, we’ve never been better!  With the release of our app, listeners are able to listen to WVCW Radio anywhere at anytime of day -  a far cry from the carrier current technology that only allowed people to listen from within the Virginia Commonwealth University dorms!

So check us out.  From our block music programming that ensures you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music at the ideal times, to our specialty content and award-winning Chalkboard Sessions, we’ve got something for everyone.  We hope that like what you hear.

WVCW Through the Years

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