Q) How do I submit music?

A) Mail physical copies with press kit to

WVCW Music Director

P.O. 842010

Richmond, VA 23284

Mail electronic press kits to music@wvcw.org

Do NOT message links to our Facebook account.


Q) I am interested in receiving logs so I can report to or pay my artists. Do you keep records of logs?

A) Yes. To be added to the list of distributors, labels, or licensing companies, email the Programming Director at programming@wvcw.org. Simply request to be added to this list.


Q) How do I get involved?

A) To get involved on-air, contact the Programming Director at programming@wvcw.org. To be off-air, contact the General Manager at hello@wvcw.org.


Q) What is the structure of the organization?

A) WVCW is a student-run organization. There is an Executive Staff and a General Staff. The general manager of WVCW is Alan Booth (hello@wvcw.org) and Kiara Walker (programming@wvcw.org) is the Programming Director. We have six departments: Music, News and Community Affairs, Sports, Production, Promotions, and Programming.  Most have on-air and off-air components.


Q) How do I get trained?

A) You will have a short 20-30 minute training session to learn the equipment. From there you will participate in the Format period. During this period you develop your confidence and style on air while playing pre-approved music from our library.


Q) When do I get my own show?

A) Specialty is your time to do your show. Once your show has been approved and you have been trained and completed Format, you will move into Specialty.


Q) What if I don’t want to be on air?

A) Join any of our departments! You can get involved with Promotions, News and Community Affairs, Production, Sports, Music, or Programming! Contact the GM hello@wvcw.org with any questions.

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