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Day 1 of the 2017 Washington Redskins Training Camp

By: Jacob Sexton

The 2017 Washington Redskins Training Camp kicked off with fans being outside the camp as early as 4 in the morning. Fans were finally able to enter the training camp at 9:30 this morning and the players took the field at 10:25 a.m.

While the team was warming up, players such as safety Will Blackmon and wide receiver Jamison Crowder were interacting with fans. The first play to kick off the camp was a simple run play as quarterback, Kirk Cousin handed off the ball to running back, Robert Kelly.

There were a few different storylines that surrounded the kickoff of this year’s training camp such as the Kirk Cousins’ contract debate, as well as four players starting training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP List).

​Robert Sipos, another Washington Redskins fan and a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University is tired of the situation and hopes that Cousins resigns with the Redskins. Regarding to the PUP list, he believes that they are all minor injuries.

“I think most of them have minor injuries. I’m not too worried about everyone.”
​The four players that are on the PUP list at the start of training camp is linebacker Houston Bates, safety DeAngelo Hall, tight end Jordan Reed and wide receiver Kendal Thompson.
“On paper, we’re stacked. It’s just a matter of staying healthy,” Hampton native, Cory Shively said.

(From left to right: Cameron Stowers, Adonis Stowers, Kaiden Stowers and Cory Shiverly)

On the topic of quarterback Kirk Cousins’ contract negotiations, Shiverly doesn’t blame either party.
​“It’s a business. Bruce (Allen, Redskins President) could have worked a little bit harder at it, but it’s a business. I don’t blame Kirk either… been consistent every year, but he has to win the big game,” Shiverly stated.
​As the morning practice went on, more plays were being made by the defense such as defensive lineman, Stacy McGee intercepted Kirk Cousins and more runs were being produced by Rob Kelly. As more players were making breakout plays, fans were discussing on who is going to be this years’ breakout player.
​Sipos and Shiverly both say that backup running back Samaje Perine is going to have a breakout year if he gets enough carries.

Terri Russell, a fan that has attended the Redskins training camp for the last 27 years believe that long snapper Nick Sundberg is going to have a great year.
​“Well I love Kirk Cousins naturally. I also love Ryan Kerrigan. But Nick Sundburg is my friend, so I love him. He’s cute. He always does a selfie with me every year at training camp.”

(Terri Russell taking pictures of players with her Sony camera.)

Russell, a longtime Redskins fan has her share of experiences with training camp.
“Well, I been coming to training camp for 27 years. My son was three when I started coming and Brad Edwards and Kurt Gouveia took him back in the locker room… both Jeff Bostic and Kurt Gouveia both gave him jerseys. So it was a lot of fun way back in the day. Now it’s not quite as close.”
Longtime Washington Redskins fan, Jason Scott says that every year of training camp is a memory.
“I’ve been going to training camp for five years now. It’s beautiful to see them here in Richmond,” Scott said.
As the practice went on, fans were attracted to how tall their newest Wide Receiver, Terrelle Pryor Sr. is. Before Pryor Sr. signed with the Redskins, he came from a breakout year in Cleveland after converting from being a Quarterback to a full time Wide Receiver.
​“He’s a young, long guy. I didn’t realize that he was that big until I got here,” Scott said.

The very last play of the morning practice was a trick play in which the wide receiver, which was Pryor Sr., throws the ball downfield to another wide receiver. The pass was broken up by the safety however but that play caught the fans attention.
​After the failed trick play, players would go to the sidelines to chat with the fans and sign whatever was handed to the players.