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Gall Holds Off Betouigt-Suire to Win the Gold Medal

Gall celebrates after winning the UCI Men's Junior Road Race Photo Credit: Darnell Myrick
Gall celebrates after winning the UCI Men’s Junior Road Race
Photo Credit: Darnell Myrick

Felix Gall of Austria was able to hold of the France, Clement Betouight Suire to win the UCI Road Race of the Men’s Junior division. Gall’s final time was 3:11:09. Clement Betouigt-Suire of France finished less than a second behind Gall to win the silver medal. Rasmus Pedersen of Denmark earned the bronze medal finishing a second behind the first place finisher, Gall.

Gall was in the middle of the pack for the majority of the race. He made his push during the last lap of the race to take the lead. The 17-year-old Austrian pushed to gain a significant lead over the rest of the field, but had his lead trimmed as Betouigt-Suire made his push.

“In the last kilometers, I was afraid they would catch me,” Gall said. “I pushed really hard. I was really tough in the end.”

“I have no regrets, because I logged my sprint at 250-300 meters from the finish line,” Betouigt-Suire said when discussing his second place finish. “I just missed two meters to be able to win. I just gave it all and I have no regrets.”

USA’s, Adrien Costa, finished 18th after being in the top 10 for much of the race.

Tomorrow will be the final race of the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond as they will conclude with the Men’s Elite Road Race.

Dygert and Ledanois Wins Gold in the UCI Road Circuit

Emma White and Chloe Dygert wins silver and gold medals in UCI Women's Junior Road Race Photo Credit: Darnell Myrick
Emma White and Chloe Dygert wins silver and gold medals in UCI Women’s Junior Road Race
Photo Credit: Darnell Myrick

Women’s Junior Road Race

For the second consecutive Women’s Junior Race, the United States takes the gold and silver medals in the UCI Women’s Junior Road Race. Chloe Dygert and Emma White finished in first and second place respectively, winning their second gold and silver medals this week. The American duo finished 1-2 in the Women’s Junior Individual Time Trial on Monday. Dygert finished with a time of 1:42:16. Poland’s Agnieszka Skalniak took home the bronze medal with a time of 1:43:44, five seconds behind Emma White (1:43:39).

Dygert was able to get a big lead early in the race and did not have to look back. At one point, the 18-year-old, had a two minute lead against the rest of her competition.

“I just kind of looked back and I had a little gap and I was like I’ll just keep going and I was able to keep it,” Dygert said.

“Chloe did amazing,” White said. “Chloe proved that there was nobody stronger than her. She is incredible at what she does. As her teammate, I was honored to see her go up the road. I tried to control what was going on behind her while controlling what was going on behind me.”

This was the first time two individuals from the same country won a medal in the Women’s Junior Road Race since 2009 when Rossella Callovi and Susanna Zorzi of Italy took first and third.

Men’s Under 23 Road Race

France's, Kevin Ledanois, celebrates winning the UCI Men's U23 Road Race Photo Credit: Darnell Myrick
France’s, Kevin Ledanois, celebrates winning the UCI Men’s U23 Road Race
Photo Credit: Darnell Myrick

After multiple lead changes, France’s, Kevin Ledanois won the rainbow-colored jersey and gold medal in the UCI Men’s U23 Road Race with a time of 3:54:45.  Italy’s, Simonne Consonni, took home the silver medal finishing closely behind Ledanois. Ledanois’ compatriot, Anthony Turgis, finished in third place earning the silver medal. This is the second consecutive year that two individuals from the same country finished in first and third place when Norwegians Sven erik Bystrom and Kristoffer Skjerping won first and third respectively.

Today’s race spanned for over 162 kilometers with 10 laps and went through Downtown Richmond, Monument Avenue, Shockoe Bottom, and Libby Hill.

It looked like a four-man competition for first during much of the race between Maximillian Schachmann, Davide Martinelli, Oleg Zemlyakov, and Jose Luis Rodriguez. However, each of them feel back, Martinelli had an issue with his bicycle that cause him to finish in the middle of the pack. Towards the race’s conclusion, rain started to pick up causing multiple cyclists to crash. The gaps started to form between the cyclists. Ledanois was able to surge into the lead late and never let go of it.

“We wanted to speed up before the first climb in the final lap,” Ledanois said. “After that, we saw that the cobblestones were wet because of the rain and eventually, a rider crashed. My intention was to be in the front and to keep Anthony in the best possible position before the last climb.”

The road circuits resume tomorrow with the Men’s Junior and Women’s Elite Road Race.

Belarus Rules the Road

Visal Kiryienka entering the home stretch
Belarusian, Vasil Kiryienka, entering the home stretch Photo Credit: Chris Richardson

Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus took home the gold medal and the rainbow-colored jersey finished in first place in today’s UCI Men’s Elite Individual Time Trial in Richmond, Virginia. The 34-year-old Belarusian was finished with a time of 1:02:29:45, 9.8 seconds ahead of sliver medalist, Adriano Malori of Italy. Jerome Coppel of France finished third earning himself the bronze medal with a time of 1:02:56:07, 26 seconds after the winner.

Today’s course stretched for nearly 33 miles (53 kilometers) starting in Doswell at Kings Dominion and concluded at on Broad and 5th street in Richmond. Cyclists rode through the country roads of Hanover and Henrico County before making their way onto the urban streets of Richmond.

Michael Hepburn of Australia, was the first rider to be on the hot seat. He was unseated by Great Britain’s Stephen Cummings. The hot seat changed multiple times afterwards until Kiryienka grabbed the seat late in the race.

“I knew it was a good course for me. It’s the kind of course that suits me,” Kiryienka said.

Taylor Phinney was the finished with the fastest time of the two Americans in the trial with a time of 1:04:06:44. The finish by Phinney was good enough for 12th place. This was Phinney’s first hour-long time trial in over two years due to an injury he suffered to his leg. Lawson Craddock of the US finished 22nd with a time of 1:04:56:79.

Cycling resumes on Friday Women’s Junior and Men’s Under 23 Road Circuit.

Villumsen and Appelt Take Gold in UCI Individual Time Trials

Women’s Elite Individual Time Trial

Linda Villumsen realizing that she was going to win the ITT
New Zealand’s, Linda Villumsen, realizing that she was going to win the ITT

Linda Villumsen of New Zealand was finally able to claim her first rainbow-colored jersey this afternoon as she won the Women’s Elite Individual Time Trial with a time of 40:29.87. The 30-year-old Kiwi has been on the podium for second and third place finishes many times in the past, but she finally was able to stand on the podium as the winner. She outlasted second place finisher, Anna Van der Breggen of the Netherlands, by a slim margin of 2.54 seconds. Last year’s winner, Lisa Brennauer of Germany, took home the bronze medal.

42-year-old American, Kristin Armstrong, was in first place for a long time as she was the second person to be released during onto the 18.6 mile track. She set the time of 40:50:45, but was not able to hold on to the lead as Villumsen and three other cyclists shattered her time resulting in a fifth place finish.

“Kristin is someone that I have looked up to for many years,” Villumsen said. “Being ahead of her was a special feeling. Every minute was a very long minute [being in the hot seat]. Sitting there waiting for everyone was very hard.”

All three women will be in the Women’s Elite Road Race this Saturday.

Men’s Junior Individual Time Trial

Top 3 Cyclists standing on the podium
Germany’s, Leo Appelt, wins the Men’s Junior Elite ITT

Germany’s Leo Appelt took home the gold medal in today’s UCI Men’s Junior’s Individual Time Trial. Appelt finished with a time of 37:45:01. Americans, Adrien Costa and Brandon McNulty filled out the rest of the podium respectively.

The 18-year-old German was the 18th cyclist out of 57 to be released as each cyclist was released every 30 seconds. He was able to get off to fast start early and was able to set the pace for the other cyclist. Appelt winning the time trial considered an upset by the many people. Appelt was also surprised by the outcome.

“I was surprised too,” Appelt said. “I still can’t believe it. I just did my race. I was fast and I am surprised.”

“Leo was not someone that we were looking out for, because he had not seen him at the early season European races,” Brandon McNulty said. “But, obviously we should have been looking out for him.”

Even in defeat, the two American cyclist were still excited to take home the silver and bronze medal describing it as awesome.

“The women yesterday set a pretty high bar for us,” McNulty said. “We wanted to do what they did yesterday, but two guys on the podium is hard to beat.

“You can’t do better that one and two, but getting second and third after our performances all year shows that we are consistent and we are able to be up there on the podium all the time,” Adrien Costa said.

All three cyclists will hit the road again on Saturday for the Men’s Junior Elite Road Race.

Old Dominion Showdown

Richmond, Va. – 1,650 people made their way to Sportsbackers Stadium on Monday night to see in-state foes, the VCU Rams and reigning National Champions, the #6 Virginia Cavaliers, face off against each other. For 83 minutes, the two teams held each other scoreless in what was a physical affair. At the 84th minute, UVA’s Derrick Etienne, dribbled his way through six defenders to give UVA the lead and the 1-0 win over the VCU Rams.

“Credit to Derrick, he ran through multiple half-hearted tackles and efforted his way into the goal,” VCU Coach Dave Giffard said. “We certainly had our chances to take the goals and we didn’t get them. As the game wears on, guys get tired and it’s up to someone to make a play and credit to Derrick. He’s a good player and he made a good play.”

VCU's, #12 Brandon Eaton, against a UVA Player

The two teams played a back-and-forth match as each had their chances throughout the match. The Cavaliers registered 11 shots, six on goal. VCU had multiple opportunities to score as they took 16 shots in the match, one on goal. However, they were unable to register a goal.

The atmosphere was electric in the stadium. Dave Giffard said that it felt like a playoff game because of the crowd and the intensity the players had on the field. The crowd in attendance for the game was the 4th-largest crowd in Sportsbackers Stadium history.

The loss drops VCU to 2-5-1 and Virginia improves to 5-0-2. VCU hits the road as they face UCLA, the runner-up to the Cavaliers last season.


Danish Victory

Men's U23 Individual Time Trial Winner, Mads Wurtz Schmidt
Men’s U23 Individual Time Trial Winner, Mads Wurtz Schmidt

Richmond, Va., – Denmark’s, Mads Wurtz Schmidt, won the Men’s U23 Individual Time Trial. Schmidt finished with a time of 37:10:96. The 21-year-old. Locked down first place early in the race as he was the 14th cyclist to be released out of 50. Schmidt sat on the hot seat in first place for over two hours as he waited for the race to conclude. Lennard Kamna of Germany, made a late push, but was not able to push ahead of Schmidt and second place finisher, Maximilian Schachmann of Germany. Kamna finished in third place.

“It was terrible to sit there [hot seat],” Schmidt said. “I was shaking. In the end, it was amazing. When I saw the win, I just had to shout out and go see my dad.”

The UCI Road World Championships continue tomorrow as the Junior Men’s Time Trial and the Women’s Elite Time Trial will be taking place.