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VCU Holds Free Suicide Prevention Training Class

Open to all VCU students, this class will be held today in the Student Commons, rooms C & D from 1-3 p.m. This class will teach the QPR method, a means of assessing whether someone is suicidal or not and helping them pursue resources.

School Board Votes to Hold Special Election

A vote was made last night to hold an election to replace 7th District school board member Nadine Marsh-Carter. The resignation came after the unexpected death of Marsh-Carter’s husband in July. The special election will be held Nov. 8, 2018.

DMV May Raise Fees Amid $16M Shortfall

A fluctuating shortfall, that could reach as much as $66.5 million by 2022. Out of options, the DMV may raise license fees, vehicle title fees, or vehicle license fees to make up some of the debt.

Family of Slain Georgia Tech Student Seek Answers

Scott Shultz, 21, was killed by police Saturday night after approaching a police officer with what has been both reported as a knife and a multi-tool. Family of the engineering student and campus Pride leader said they had a history of mental illness and want to know why the officer didn’t use non-lethal methods.

U.S. to Appeal Trump Sanctuary City Funding Cuts

The U.S. Justice Department of Justice said it is seeking to appeal a block on Trump’s executive order cutting funding to sanctuary cities. The order was deemed unconstitutional earlier this year by U.S. District Judge William Orrick III of San Francisco.

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