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MLK Celebration Week

VCU kicks off the semester with a week long celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrate Tuesday at noon in the student commons with cupcakes and a banner signing. Wednesday will feature a keynote speech from Martin Luther King III, with events continuing through Saturday.

Governor Ralph Northam addressed the Joint Assembly

Newly inaugurated Gov. Ralph Northam addressed the Joint Assembly Monday. He stressed working together to improve education and job training, expanding medicaid, and restricting gun sales. He concluded his remarks by urging the representatives to put aside partisan pride.

“Virginians are counting on us to answer big challenges with big solutions, even if that requires us to put the common good before our own partisan interests,” Northam said.

VDOT prepares for more snow

The Virginia Department of Transportation is pretreating roads in preparation for snow predicted to fall late Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Weather conditions before the last snowfall this month prevented pre-treating roads, leading to long lasting icy conditions. A spokesperson for VDOT said they have 216,000 gallons of brine available to pre-treat Virginia’s roads.

Senate democrats work to overrule net neutrality repeal

Democratic leaders say fifty senators have endorsed legislation that would reverse December’s repeal of net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commision voted to deregulate broadband providers, which where previously kept from blocking or slowing internet connections or websites. The Senate resolution would reinstate net neutrality.


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