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In Today’s News

Siren alert system under repair

The VCU siren system is under repair after it did not activate during a test on Wednesday. The university stated in a message on their alert web page that they are working with the siren vendor to fix the issue. VCU is in the process of upgrading the system, according to the message.

Creighton Court residents living without heat

The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority said in a letter to Creighton Court residents they will begin restoring heat to 50 apartments next week. Residents without heat were originally given space heaters, then moved to hotels or vacant units.

Marijuana advocates to lobby in Richmond

Advocates for the legalization of marijuana will be in Richmond Sunday and Monday for the Virginia 2018 Cannabis Conference. The conference is organized by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, a Washington based nonprofit.

Senate has until midnight to prevent government shutdown

The senate is divided over a short-term spending bill that would prevent a government shutdown at midnight Friday night. The bill passed the House Thursday night, but senate democrats say they will not support the bill because it does not reflects their views on immigration and government spending.