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In Today’s News

New RamSafe app

The university will launch a new RamSafe app on Dec. 26. RamSafe will be accessible through the VCUMobile app, and RamCell will no longer be in use.

Charge in Charlottesville rally death upgraded to first-degree murder

James Fields, who has been accused of driving a car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville in August, now faces a first-degree murder charge. The judge said the trial should proceed.

Northam announces two more cabinet picks

Gov. elect Ralph Northam announced Thursday that Matt Strickler will be secretary of Natural Resources and Bettina Ring will be secretary of Agriculture and Forestry. The move was watched by environmentalists, who hope for new policies on coal ash and pipelines under Northam’s administration.

Rubio threatens final tax bill

Sen. Marco Rubio threatened to vote against the $1.5 trillion Republican tax overhaul if it did not expand a child tax credit. The House and Senate each have passed separate tax bills, which must be combined into one bill that can pass both chambers.

WVCW College Media Associates Pinnacle Awards Submissions

WVCW is submitting some audio for the 2016 College Media Associates Pinnacle Awards. Here’s the breakdown of what we’ve submitted and the audio.

Men’s Basketball Play-By-Play:

From WVCW’s award-winning Sports Department comes our coverage of the VCU’s Men’s Basketball game against Oregon State in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. WVCW brings sports entertainment to the greater VCU community through broadcasts of our Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Men’s Baseball teams.

Interview with John Guzlowski:

Mikaela Reinard, WVCW Programming Director and
Reporter, interviews John Guzlowski, a Polish- American and the son of two WWII concentration camp survivors, on his life growing up in an environment plagued with the consequences inflicted on victims of vicious hate and war. Guzlowski was born in a refugee camp shortly after concentration camps were liberated and at a young age, his family relocated to the United States. Ultimately, Guzlowski became a writer shedding light on the stories of his parents, as they took on the daunting task to survive one of the most gruesome moments to ever find its way into the pages of history.

Manager’s Choice:
Election Coverage from Super Tuesday:

The single largest news event in nearly 15 years at WVCW! Nerd March Madness brought live coverage of the Super Tuesday Primaries to the VCU community, providing up-to-the-minute poll results and featuring panelists from the VCU Political Science Department. Hosted by Jon Carpenter and Jacob McFadden, this was not one to miss.