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My Training Camp Experience Covering the Washington Redskins

Today was the Washington Redskins last practice here at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center and I must say it’s been a great two weeks having the opportunity to cover the Redskins for WVCW.  Getting the chance to be around a lot of professionals in the media, observing and learning how they work, is something I will take with me once I enter the sports media profession.

Being around the athletes iIMG_0393[1]s also something I will cherish forever. This training camp was my first experience being that close to professional athletes and it was hard not to act like a fan. You don’t realize how big those guys are until you are standing beside them because the TV does them no justice. But going to the press conferences, interviewing the players, and seeing the behind the scenes of training camp made me appreciate the opportunity even more because a lot of people don’t get the chance to do what I have done over the last two weeks.

Watching practices, observing players, taking notes, writing articles, all the things that came with covering the Redskins, taught me how to be a professional, especially writing the articles in a timely fashion. It gave me an inside look of what the media does on an every day basis.

What made the experience even more gratifying was that I was covering my favorite National Football League team in the Redskins. Not too many college students can say they had the chance to cover their favorite sports team, but I can. And I can honestly say it was what I thought it was going to be and more.

Whether it was a blistering hot day or pouring down raining, it was truly a pleasure being out there at every practice and I hope someday in the future I can do it again.

WVCW College Media Associates Pinnacle Awards Submissions

WVCW is submitting some audio for the 2016 College Media Associates Pinnacle Awards. Here’s the breakdown of what we’ve submitted and the audio.

Men’s Basketball Play-By-Play:

From WVCW’s award-winning Sports Department comes our coverage of the VCU’s Men’s Basketball game against Oregon State in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. WVCW brings sports entertainment to the greater VCU community through broadcasts of our Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Men’s Baseball teams.

Interview with John Guzlowski:

Mikaela Reinard, WVCW Programming Director and
Reporter, interviews John Guzlowski, a Polish- American and the son of two WWII concentration camp survivors, on his life growing up in an environment plagued with the consequences inflicted on victims of vicious hate and war. Guzlowski was born in a refugee camp shortly after concentration camps were liberated and at a young age, his family relocated to the United States. Ultimately, Guzlowski became a writer shedding light on the stories of his parents, as they took on the daunting task to survive one of the most gruesome moments to ever find its way into the pages of history.

Manager’s Choice:
Election Coverage from Super Tuesday:

The single largest news event in nearly 15 years at WVCW! Nerd March Madness brought live coverage of the Super Tuesday Primaries to the VCU community, providing up-to-the-minute poll results and featuring panelists from the VCU Political Science Department. Hosted by Jon Carpenter and Jacob McFadden, this was not one to miss.