WVCW’s Chalkboard Sessions

Our award winning Chalkboard Sessions invite artists into our office to play in front of our chalkboard wall.  The shows are first posted on Facebook, but will appear here on the website as well.

The IBS Award winning Chalkboard Session featuring Cat Be Damned.

Chalkboard Session featuring The Trinkets!

Here’s our most recent Chalkboard Session featuring GUMP, an alternative hip-hop/rock band based in Washington DC.  The band is comprised of DC rapper Uno Hype, drummer Zeeshan Shad, guitarist/keyboardist Ali Badalov and bassist Joey Pappas.

Credit to Matthew Kozak for filming and producing this video.
WVCW celebrated Vinylthon 2017 on April 22nd an welcomed Jason Kusterer into our offices for a Chalkboard Session!

Credit to Fin Hatfield for filming and producing this video.

Just a few weeks ago, Goose Club visited our office for a Chalkboard Session! Check out their performance!

WVCW proudly presents our latest Chalkboard Session featuring alexalone

Stay tuned, even more to come!