Amason Sky City

Amason’s debut album Sky City is a magnum opus by a band composed of Swedish talent. The band’s makeup, including Little Majorette’s Nils Tornqvist and Peter Winnberg, is headed by Amanda Bergman (Idiot Wind) and her sultry, raspy voice. With its throwbacks to 70’s groove tunes and 80s dreamy pop, Sky City offers a low key, upbeat lineup of songs from the saxophone loaded “Kelly” to “Clay Bird’s” immense crescendo of synthesizers behind dreamy lyrics. Even though the songs seem to have conflicting moods with a first listen, by the end of the record, the melodies all combine in a transformative work. The vey title of the album gives an idea to the overall vibe of the album, it feels as though you are in a city floating in the clouds with the light, synth pop floating along in the background.