Ben Malakoff
General Manager
Ben was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Northern Virginia. He decided to go to VCU because of their accredited broadcast journalism program. He has been part of the station since his freshman year broadcasting basketball games on the sports team. During his sophomore year, he became the Sports Director of the station. Now in his senior year, Ben has finished two terms of Sports Director and is going into his second year of being General Manager of the station.
Office Hours: MW 1-3:30pm (in-person)

WVCW Radio Training Day

Are you interested in learning about radio or hosting your own show? WVCW is hosting a training day for all VCU students no matter your level of experience.


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Volleyball V.S. La Salle

Volleyball V.S. La Salle

We had an exciting Friday night volleyball game between VCU an La Salle. VCU is led by head coach Jody Rogers and La Salle by Caitlin Schweihofer....

Womens Volleyball beats JMU

Womens Volleyball beats JMU

Imagine being on a college campus when a hurricane is blowing through and a tornado is ripping through the city and on top of all that, falling...