• President Trump is shifting his estimate of deaths related to the coronavirus in the United States. During a Fox News town hall this weekend, he said the U.S could lose 80,000 to 90,000 people. Trump originally estimated at least 50,000 to 60,000 people would die, currently the death toll related to COVID-19 is at least 67,000 as of Monday morning. 
  • Scientists a part of the White House’s task force to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 have honed in on at least 14 different vaccines to test and develop. 
  • The US Supreme Court will begin conducting business today via teleconference. The system will be used for six argument sessions over two weeks, including the duel over President Trump’s financial tax records. 
  • U.S stocks kicked off the new week lower as tensions between the United States and China are rising. President Trump last week threatened China could face new tariffs over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak. U.S Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said over the weekend there is “enormous evidence” that the virus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan. 
  • States are continuing to reopen as of Monday and most states are taking steps to ease social distancing restrictions but pandemic experts say reopening the country is a “big mistake”. Florida’s governor is prepared to reopen much of his state today, including restaurants and retail spaces. 
  • Gov. Ralph Northam is expected to detail his administration’s reopening plans and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions during his briefing today. Northam says the reopening of Virginia would be in phases and his decision to begin will be driven by data and science. He says the earliest he hoped the reopening process could begin was May 8th 
  • The Virginia Department of Health is reporting nearly 19,500 cases, 2,700 hospitalizations and 684 deaths. According to the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, nearly 2,500 COVID-19 patients have been discharged from Virginia hospitals.

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