With the inevitable clashing of electric guitars in the background, the sophomore album from Immigrant Union, led by The Dandy Warhol’s Brent de Boer, Anyway still manages to pass itself off as a neo hippie folk record. The dream pop-y lyrics melt right into the impeccable fusion of psych rock and country riffs. Instead of coming off as a band with varied ideas and cohesive potential, the album seemed to have a lack of direction within it as a whole. This doesn’t take away from the talent within each song, but there was no center idea.

Tracks “Alison” and “Trip Ain’t Over” are the only real standouts on the album, with the lyrics “Alison” giving a vibe reminiscent of the Nineties’ alternative scene without giving up the country infused sound present throughout the rest of the album. “Trip Ain’t Over”, which is easily the most upbeat and mainstream-friendly track on the record. Although most of the album’s tracks maintain its complete severance from de Boer’s previous project, “I Can’t Return”, the third track, could have come straight off of Dandy Warhol’s record; however it still manages to blend with the majority of the album. Overall, the album comes off as a success, albeit with some very non-memorable songs and a partially constructed concept.


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