WVCW would like to thank everyone who donated to help with our studio renovations.  Your perks should be on the way to you soon!  Whether you donated a little or a lot, we are very grateful for your help and look forward to sharing our new studio with you in the coming weeks.

WVCW Alumni

Joel Austin

Jay Brooke

Jon Carpenter

Michael Cosner

Dan Gaitanis

Ed Hazelwood

Bill Hershman

Mike Liedtke

Derek Marion

Jacob McFadden

Darnell Myrick

Mikaela Reinard

Jean Sweeney

2017 Staff & DJ’s

Alan Booth

Fin Hatfield

Brandon Herbin

Courtney Miller

Dr. Hayden Molchan

Sean Pritchard

Julie Rothey

Rodney Steppe

Kiara Walker

Friends & Family

Dr. Jeff & Susan Booth

Rodney & Janet

Ian Crovella

Eric Cunningham

Eric Distanislao

Allison Dyche

Ken & Francoise

Lauren Katchuk

Vivek Kuruvilla

Malissa Mallory

Monty McFadden

Jonathan Moore & Joel Gill

Joshua Parks

Dr. Rob Quicke

Major Eugene Reinard, Ret.

Ann Rothey

Shaun Rutherford

Patti Strother

Bob Vilcheck

Joan Walker

Kiana Walker