Every Monday we’ll be spotlighting one of our DJs so that you, the listeners, can get to know the people behind the voices! We have an interesting group of people here running WVCW and we want our listeners to get to know us all. 

This week we have Shane Maurelli, the mind behind Just Dance! that airs from 12 to 1pm every Wednesday afternoon!

Shane is a great guy to have around. He’s a sophomore majoring in advertising. We’re very lucky to have such an upbeat personality to run an upbeat show! 

Here’s a quick Q & A with this weeks DJ – 

Q: Tell us about your show! What inspired the idea behind it?

A: My show is called “Just Dance!” To me, this is a play on the genre dance pop, as well as Lady Gaga’s song Just Dance, as well as the message of my radio show, which is to just get up and dance! I have always loved dance pop music, it has always been my favorite genre by far, and I have gone to great lengths to discover all that the genre has to offer. When creating this show, I wanted to be able to play new songs as well as older songs that would make others want to dance and have a fun time! I want to use this show as a way for people to discover new music and enjoy songs they already know!  

Who are your top five artists at the moment?

A: My top 5 artists at the moment, well first and foremost Kesha will always be my favorite artist of all time. I just think Kesha is an incredible artist who has a lot to offer to the music industry if she were just with the right producers or sound engineers to help her share her ideas. My next favorite artist right now would have to be INNA. INNA is a Romanian euro-dance artist who recently came out with her 9th studio album, which is a masterpiece. I think she has a very unique voice that I absolutely enjoy hearing in songs and I think she is very underrated in the United States. My third favorite artist right now would have to be Ava Max, you may recognize her from ‘Sweet But Psycho’ but she has released so many amazing songs since then and I think she will soon become a major player in the American Music Industry. My 4th artist would have to be BLACKPINK, my favorite Korean group, who recently released their debut album. They are pushing major boundaries in the United States, as being one of the only asian acts to be featured on American charts recently. My 5th favorite artist at the moment would probably be Ashnikko, an up-in-coming Tik Tok alternative rapper. 

What kinds of music do you listen to that you don’t necessarily put on the show, if any?

A: I definitely listen to a wide range of genres. I listen to a lot of foreign music from Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Romania, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and I do try to sprinkle some of these in if they are dance-pop based. I also listen to some rock, rap, RnB, Latin, soundtrack, and chill music. I do enjoy listening to more calming music sometimes but I wouldn’t play it on the show because the show is meant for upbeat dance pop songs! Right now I am obsessed with Inna’s ballad “Pretty Thoughts”, but I wouldn’t play it on the show because it is a ballad.

What drew you to WVCW?

A: I was looking for a club or organization that I could share my love of music and I heard of WVCW from my academic advisor and was instantly excited to be apart of the action!

What’s been your favorite moment on air? 

A: My favorite moment on air was definitely when I had a lot of my friends texting me about the show, while they were listening. They were texting me their thoughts on the music, saying like “Oh wow I’m gonna add this song to my playlist”. Which makes me feel so good because the whole goal is to get people to learn new music.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

A: I run online Big Brother competitions. I am the host of a fairly popular Big Brother game online, which if you don’t know Big Brother is a reality competition show similar to Survivor. I spend a lot of time planning competitions, twists, and hosting 16 contestants for several months at a time and I absolutely love it!

Shane was gracious enough to share with us a short playlist containing some of his favorite songs. Make sure to give it a listen at the link below. 


Thanks to Shane for giving us the chance to get to know him a bit better! Remember to check in next week for Meet A DJ Monday!

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