Colorado Democrats had their first hearing of the “red flag” bill, which allows the seizure of guns from people deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others. According to AP News, it would allow family or law enforcement to seek a court order to have guns seized if they believe the owner is a threat.

Republican House of Delegate leaders are accusing Virginia Democrats of resisting a potential General Assembly investigation into sexual assault claims against Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch,  Democrats are also trying to avoid a rush to judgment that could lead to the resignation or impeachment of the only African-American in statewide office, as Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring remain in office after admitting to wearing blackface in college.

Virginia is joining six other states in raising the age to buy tobacco and nicotine products to 21. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed the bill into law yesterday, which received bipartisan support and the backing of Atria Group Incorporated, the nation’s largest tobacco company.


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