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News Headlines for Jan. 31, 2019

A Jerusalem Post report states that Israeli scientists have said they are close to curing cancer. The company, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies, or AEBi, published the article on Monday. It states that the company has tested on mice and is moving towards clinical trials—hoping that a treatment can be available in a year. Some doctors in the U.S. are skeptical.

A controversial abortion bill has been tabled by the Virginia Assembly that would have eliminated certain state law requirements on third trimester abortions. According to CBS 6, Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran says the bill changes the law on third trimester abortions, which are currently legal in cases to prevent the mother’s death or substantial damage to her mental or physical health. State law requires three doctors to certify danger to the mother, while Tran’s law would require one doctor’s consent.

Wednesday, a Virginia House subcommittee voted to kill a bill that would have let localities decide whether to remove or modify Confederate monuments. According to Capital News Service, Democratic Delegate David J. Toscano of Charlottesville said, “We give localities the ability to control the cutting of weeds. But we haven’t yet given them the control over monuments that might have detrimental effects on the atmosphere and the feeling of the community.”

A Florida man is free after spending 41 days in jail wrongly accused of trafficking heroine. The white powdery substance was laundry detergent—a plastic bag of it the driver said he was unware of. The driver, Matt Crull, said the previous owner could have left it behind. Deputy Steven O’Leary of Martin County, Florida has since been fired for the accusation.

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