Junior Galette Speaking to the Media

Junior Galette speaking to the media

Transitioning from one place to another within a three week period is tough for most people, but for Redskins linebacker, Junior Galette, the transition has been relatively smooth for him.

On July 24, Junior Galette was cut from the New Orleans Saints after having some troubles off the field. On July 31, Galette signed with the Washington Redskins. Since being signed, Galette has been welcomed with open arms from his new teammates and from people in the front office. Since signing with the Redskins a little more the two weeks ago, Galette’s relationship with everyone has gotten stronger after hitting it off with his teammates.

“We gelled immediately,” Galette said. “The first night I came here to visit with Scot [McCloughan], guys from the team gathered around me. Jason Hatcher and the entire defensive line rallied around me. A lot of us have similar personalities and like to joke around, but we all know when to get serious.”

The 27-year-old linebacker also had nothing but praise for the coaches and the guys in the front office saying that it has amazing to get the opportunity to work with them.

“I had a great coach in Rob Ryan,” Galette said. “I knew what it felt like to have a guy that will always support you. Other than him, I never had anyone else to rally behind me. Joe [Barry] and everyone here from the general manager to the owner has been extremely supportive. That is an amazing feeling to know that you are going through a tough time in your life but you have the support of these people.”