After a brief one year hiatus, Rejjie Snow has dropped his latest single, featuring Cam O’bi and MF DOOM titled “Cookie Chips.” Having enjoyed some of Rejjie’s 2018 album Dear Annie, I was looking forward to this single’s release, especially for the MF DOOM feature. 

The first thing that jumped out at me on the single was the production. The beat is super laid back and the watery synths and moogs work really well with all the artists’ flows on the track. Snow lays down some very relaxed, emotionally engaging lyrics that mark a bit of a move from his prior work, that at times could seem a little dull to me. MF DOOM is operating in his usual fashion on the track, delivering his typical style that should be familiar to any of his fans. However, something about the vocals on the chorus stuck out to me and left me feeling like they had an unfinished quality to them.

Overall I give “Cookie Chips” a 7/10 think the track has a really warm and colorful quality to it, making it a perfect laid back song for the summer.

Listed to “Cookie Chips” on Spotify below!