Chilean singer-songwriter and producer Diego Lorenzini released his fifth single of 2020 this past weekend titled “Mátame Please, Carita Feliz.” I listened to Lorenzini’s first album Trenzas Ad Honorem a few years ago and loved the change of pace it provided from the usual music I was listening to and started to dig through his discography. Though his music hasn’t been on my radar in a while, his most recent song caught my attention.

Lorenzini keeps his usual soft lofi sound on this single with a simplistic drum, synth, and acoustic guitar backing track that works well with his voice and singing style. The lyrics give the song a light, playful tone and make it sound like something from a coming of age movie. 

Overall I’m a big fan of “Mátame Please, Carita Feliz” and give it a 8/10. This single, in conjunction with the other music Lorenzini has released this year, makes me wonder whether or not there’s a new full length project in store but hopefully he continues this somewhat new trend of activity.