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“Bursting onto the scene their freshman year, drummer Ben Eisenberg and singer-songwriter Campbell Staton teamed up to form one of the most legendary college bands of all time, Midnight Taxi. They played some gigs then decided to get the wizardly Luke White on guitar which propelled the band not only physically but sonically. Their last addition was the wickedly talented Jaden Graham on bass who added the beautiful low-end along with amazing melodic lines. Together these four are pioneering a new Indie-Rock sound never heard before in Richmond. They have an EP coming out in late 2021.” -Midnight Taxi

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, Midnight Taxi Is a four-piece indie band. With their silky guitar tones and sharp drumming, the group has provided a jazzy twist on the traditional indie sound that we have come to know. Midnight Taxi opens fast with “Face to Face,” a song detailing the struggles of modern romance and dating. Once you think they’ve set the tone, they switch it up with “Monday Morning,” a dynamic song about falling out of love and growing apart. Finally, the band slows it down to finish off with “F*ckin Your Phone,” an honest piece on the realities of distracted and one sided relationships.


Set list

“Face to Face”

“Monday Morning”

“F*ckin Your Phone”



Campbell Staton: Vocals, guitar

Luke White: Guitar

Jaden Graham: Bass

Ben Eisenberg: Drums


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Directed, shot, and edited by Max Ames and Stefanos Psaltis-Ivaniš

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