“Formed the day they moved to Richmond to attend VCU, Nancy Raygun is more than a band for its members. This Indie rock trio has been best friends since middle school and what more proof do you need than their performance. With only these three members, they create an energetic and cohesive sound. Heavily inspired by ’70s psychedelic, ’90s alternative,  and ’00s garage rock, Nancy Raygun fuses catchy melodies, with energetic music and face melting guitar.” – Nancy Raygun

With the best hair of any band filmed by WVCW, Nancy Raygun brings a psychedelic twist to the Richmond house show scene. The trio combines tearing guitar, strong bass lines, and energetic drumming in a way that shows the band’s history together.

Set list

“Used to”





JB Hope: Vocals, guitar

Brett Johnson: Bass, vocals

Sidney Blasiol: Drums, vocals


Directed, shot, and edited by Max Ames and Stefanos Psaltis-Ivaniš

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