The Aurora, Illinois man who shot and killed five coworkers used a gun he was not supposed to have, according to AP News. The man opened fire after being released from his job of 15 years at Henry Pratt Co. in Aurora, located 40 miles west of Chicago.

The Richmond School Board is voting tomorrow on a budget that would eliminate a fifth of Richmond school system’s central office staff. At this time, the specific jobs that could be cut are not public. The 49 positions, totaling 3.2 billion dollars of the budget, were discussed in a closed session in efforts to fix a budget deficit.

A Virginia couple is suing seven former and current employees of the local Department of Social Services for $8 million. The Shenandoah couple is claiming workers encouraged them to adopt a boy while hiding a report of sexually abusive behavior. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, several years later the boy admitted to sexually abusing multiple children in the family’s house.

In China, leaders are attempting to persuade couples to have more children, but local officials have been resisting, and continuing to enforce the “one-child policy.” Recently, a couple was fined for having a third child despite China’s demographic crisis, according to AP News.

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