Summer is coming to an end and with the start of every school year comes the urge to get your shit together. For me it was my mom making me go to bed at 8 PM those last weeks of summer in elementary school just to “adjusted again.” Even though it can all be difficult to juggle at many of us are constantly looking for ways to improve our college lives, such as getting 8 hours of sleep, exercising, staying on top of schoolwork and eating better. Something that has never failed me in regards to school is having a solid study playlist.

While it may work for many people, I never work well in complete silence. I need melodies to keep me on track. A good study playlist has many qualities:

  • The tone is calming and relaxing. It is consistent with no sudden shifts in genre or tone.
  • It doesn’t distract the listener and keeps them on task. Listeners are not left wondering about lyrics or drawn away from their work.
  • They are long enough for 30 minute crams to 4 hour exam prep.

Great Playlists & Albums

WVCW Live Radio

Not so easily distracted by lyrics but more so stressed by curating a playlist yourself? Relinquish that power to your favorite DJs right here at WVCW and let our live radio play in the background while you work. You’ll definitely hear new music and may even be struck by inspiration!

Studio Ghibli Scores

Joe Hisaishi is a genius, maybe listening to his music enough it will have a positive influence on us all. Studio Ghibli placed almost all of its movie soundtracks on streaming services earlier this year, now allowing you to be aurally transported to you your favorite mystical story. A personal favorite of mine is The Tale of Princess Kaguya. The one draw back to movie scores is that the music follows a story which can sometimes get suddenly intense.

Lo fi Beats 

Lo Fi has been gaining popularity in the past few years and for good reason. It’s perfect for those who listen to hip hop throughout their day and need something more soothing when it comes to creative sessions and studying. The sounds are very unique and the beat keeps you on track while working without boring you. There are lots of artists creating new beats everyday but this playlist – Lo Fi Hip Hop 3:30 AM– is perfect the perfect starting jumping off point for Lo Fi.

Classical Music

A classic recommendation for studying. The connection between a person’s level of intellect and classical music has been highlighted for years. Even if smart people don’t only listen to classical music, this is still worth mentioning for those interested in traditional background study music. This playlist – Chill Classical Study – offers great classic hits while providing of a relaxing atmosphere. 

Sounds of Another language

Listening to music in languages one doesn’t speak can be beneficial because you are not focused on the lyrics as much. Search for your favorite genre of music or covers of your favorite artists in another language. This offers a familiar atmosphere without the distraction of lyrics. The Life Aquatic Sessions (Brazilian Portuguese) and this Nat King Cole (Spanish) playlist are perfect starters.

Video Game Soundtracks

I hardly qualify as a gamer but I can appreciate a great score when I hear one! Animal Crossing features quirky ambient tunes and Legend of Zelda has a beautiful and immersive soundtrack. These scores are perfect for anyone (including non-gamers) to listen to while working and will even hit fans with some nostalgia. Composers create these scores to usher the player through a journey, as a result these melodies help you stay center in while completing schoolwork.