This is not a collection of songs. It is a collection of electronic noises. As I listened to this collection of tracks, I had a hard time following them.  if it had not been for the abrupt stop or fade out of the individual tracks I would not know where one track ends and another began.  I did the natural thing and jumped from track to track. Best I could tell is some noises where faster than others, some tracks started with a rhythm but quickly dissipated into a jumbled mishmash of sounds. There are some interesting tracks on this CD. Track #8 is entitled “Mound Magnet Pt.1”. It was interesting in as much as I could detect the guitar sound and some sort of vocal progression but when it came right down to it, the track sounded like robots having sex.  Track #9 is Fahrtenheit.  It starts out with a harp-type tone which is rather angelic but quickly give way to a frenetic pulse that can only be described a as a heartbeat run thru some electronic  processor and sped up. .  Track #13, Senendippo5 is nothing more than the processed sound of a ticking clock set to other samples of glass being rubbed together and then completely turns into something else.   Over all I point to this fact. Electronica is an acquired listen. There is good and bad electronic and one must be repetitive in listening to get it or enjoy it  On this collection I did neither.

By: Sandy Bernstein