Are you bored? Feeling trapped inside? Longing for an outlet? You should return to your roots and do a radio show! The WVCW Alumni Show is your opportunity to return to the airwaves! 

Each Friday at 8 we air a show from an alum, recorded from their home. 

To join the fun, you can record yourself using any device/editing software that you have at your disposal. If you can’t edit the music in between your talk breaks, send us the breaks and a list of the songs that you want played in between them and we will do our best to get them for you. We can also just use our current or throwback library to fill the music slots. 

The students understand that since this is being done remotely, the audio quality doesn’t have to be perfect and we have a stinger explaining that to listeners. If you need a free audio editing program, Audacity is a good and free program to use.

Audio files can be posted in the Google Drive. We check it on Mondays and load whatever shows are posted.