Interested in learning more about radio and podcasting?

Join us this fall for the new HUMS 291 – Introduction to Radio class. This course will teach you how to work with your classmates to create, produce and execute a broadcast quality radio program for the college radio environment. You will also be given an introduction to radio promotions, audio production, podcasting, and other aspects of the radio industry.

The class will give you an opportunity to do a one hour weekly radio show of your design on WVCW or a weekly podcast to be put on Spotify and iTunes. For the first time ever, you will even be able to work with a co-host for your weekly show!

Grab a friend and register now!

CRN: 30504
Course Time: T – 4:00-6:40
Location: 817 W Broad Street

*HUMS 291 Special Topics in the Humanities and Sciences Semester course; 1-4 credits. May be repeated with different content. Specialized topics in the liberal arts and sciences designed to provide an overview of a topic not provided by an existing course or program. – This means that if you have taken a previous version of the radio class, you can take this one for an additional three credits.

If you have any questions about the class, contact WVCW’s Adviser, at [email protected].