Tomorrow will be the preseason debut of the Washington Redskins as they will travel to Cleveland to face the Browns. This will be the second straight year that the Redskins will play the Browns in the preseason. The first preseason game for any team typically does not feature a lot of regular season starters playing much, maybe a series or two, but nothing more than that. You can expect that from the Redskins tomorrow.

“We’ll play it by ear, see how we do,” Gruden said. “Obviously of we go three and out, we’ll bring them back out for another series or two. If we have a long touchdown drive, that could be it.”

Expect to see a lot of many second and third string players to get a lot of playing time as they try to compete for a spot on the roster this upcoming season.

“This is about finding out your 53-man roster,” Gruden said. “There’s a lot to look at for these guys, and we have a lot of guys that are really competing for jobs. These games are very, very important to see who is going to rise.”

In Gruden’s press conference today, he said that TE Jordan Reed and WR Jamison Crowder will not play tomorrow night.