Girls in Wartime Want To Dance

Belle and Sebastian’s release of their new album was a hopeful event for me. I’ve liked listening to Belle and Sebastian for several years. I even consider some of their songs to be some of my all time favorite songs.

That being said, this album was mediocre at best and a disappointment. Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance started out pretty generic but and while it sounded fine it wasn’t spectacular. Some of the songs were pretty good. In particular I liked “Play for Today”, and “Today” But “Today” was ruined by “The Book of You”. I couldn’t even finish the song.

Belle and Sebastian are one of those bands who’s albums are a hit or miss for me, Like I really liked their album, “The Life Pursuit” but I honestly can’t remember what happened in “The Boy with the Arab Strap”. This was definitely not a hit for me.