Super Bowl Sunday is coming up so let’s take a look at how the WVCW sports team sees the big game shaking out. 


Joe Dodson – Rams 31-21

I’m expecting big time performances from big time players and in this matchup the Rams are as star studded as the city they play in. Sean McVay with two whole weeks to scheme should also make bandwagon Bengals fans nervous.


Maya McAfee – 37-34 Bengals

I feel like it will be a close game so the Super Bowl champion will be determined based on the last 2 minutes of the game. If it comes down to a close game I’m choosing the more clutch quarterback. Joe Burrow has ICE in his veins and he’s clutch under pressure. This is the type of leadership and reliability you need at quarterback that makes certain he will lead his team to get the job done. 


Sam Wolfe – Bengals 27-24

Looking at this game it should be a complete wash. The Rams are the far more established and experienced team with a talented defense led by guys like Jaylen Ramsey and Jordan Fuller. It’s defensive line highlighted by Aaron Donald and Von Miller is an extremely scary sight for the notoriously weak Bengals offensive line. 


However, this team from Cincinnati has won over many football fans’ hearts including mine so that of course means I’m picking Joe “Shiesty” and the Cincinnati Bengals. This year the Bengals have shown that they can slay giants and I think that’s exactly what they’ll do come Superbowl Sunday.


Yanni Kouiroukidids – Bengals 28-25

Why not? Joe Shiesty has shown he can do it at any time and to anyone. Everybody can get the work. I’m picking the Bengals to win their first ever Super Bowl. Their defense stepped up big time when it mattered the most (Game-clinching INT against the Raiders, 3 INT’s against the Titans/holding King Henry under 65 yards & picking Mahomes off twice with one in OT). At this point, how can I even pick against them. WHO DEY. 


Gabriel Aref – Bengals 42-38

 I have the Bengals winning and covering the 4 point spread because I think it’ll come down to which quarterback makes less mistakes and Joe Burrow seems the coolest under pressure.


Luke Reeder – Rams 34-20 

As much as I’d love for the Bengals to win it all, I think that LA has more talent and the better coach, and those factors will win them their second Super Bowl. The dynamic duo of Aaron Donald and newly acquired Von Miller should have Burrow running for his life every snap. I also don’t think the Cincinnati defense will have an answer for the Stafford/Cupp connection. 


Ultimately I think it’ll come down to Stafford’s performance under the bright lights, but the Rams will have to take a long, hard look at themselves if they aren’t able to capture a title this year.


Andrew McGann – Rams 34-24 

I’m picking the Rams. I picked them because I think the Ram’s passing defense is better than the Titans and Chiefs. Jalen Ramsey should do a better job of keeping Ja’Marr Chase from being a big factor in this game and I really want Aaron Donald to get a ring.


Max Ames – Rams 24-17

Von Miller and Aaron Donald are going to go crazy on that offensive line when they allowed 9 sacks against Tennessee. 


Jordan Weeks – Rams 27-20 

Aaron Donald and Von Miller are going to overtake the Bengals offensive line, that’s a given. However, Burrow has shown that he can handle himself under pressure. So, I think the key for LA winning the game will be determined by how well the Rams corners can cover Jamar Chase and Tee Higgins. Jalen Ramsey will be on Jamar Chase and that matchup will be well worth the watch and could go either way. 

The matchup that I believe will be the game changer is how well 5 foot 9 cornerback Darius Williams can perform against 6 foot 4 Tee Higgins.