One football star has been freed from Houston, now we have one to go. 

In a surprise decision the Houston Texans and JJ Watt have mutually agreed to part ways. Watt posted a video statement on Twitter shortly after Ian Rapoport put out a tweet reporting that Watt had been released. 

TLDR for the video: Basically JJ says he sat down with the McNair family and asked for his release, they complied and mutually agreed to part ways, paving the way for JJ to decide where he wants to continue his football career. A classically dumb Houston Texans move. 

Currently, Steelers fans are screaming from the rooftops, calling for him to join his little brother TJ in Pittsburgh. Sadly, I think that will become reality in the near future. The NFL LOVES to eat stuff like that up and they’ll be on every prime time game for the next year. But there’s still one Texan who’s future remains uncertain. 

Many have pointed out the double standard between how the Texans have handled JJ’s release versus how they’ve handled the ongoing Deshaun Watson Situation. It seems that all JJ had to do was ask nicely. I understand, JJ has been with the team since 2011, he was at one point, one of the most dominant and hard working players in the NFL. BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,, he’s no Deshaun Watson. 

The Texans, since their inception, have not been able to get out of their own way and in 2021 that still seems to be the case. They’ve been an absolute calamity, a laughingstock if you will, and that hasn’t been any more apparent than right now.