Yep, you read that right. It’s finally returned. For the first time since 2012, the processed pork patty, doused in sugared up BBQ sauce, and smothered in onions and pickles is finally available nationwide yet again, and degenerates like myself are foaming at the mouth.

Last year, the sandwich made an unexpected yet delightful return to RVA. So the last time I’ve eaten this was far more recent than you would expect.  Long ago, when the world was normal, I was minding my own business mopping up one of my roommates in Mario Kart when another came hurtling down the stairs. “ITS BACK!” he screamed. He hoisted his phone like a young Simba, to reveal an UberEats order on his phone: 1 Large McRib Meal.

In a frenzy we each ordered ourselves a large meal of this glorious comfort food and gorged ourselves to the brink of a food coma. After all we’ve been through as a nation this year, we sure could use a classic American staple to bring us together for one final show of unity to put this horrid year to a close. Thank you McRib and Thank you America.