Review: The Physical World – Death From 1979 (2014)

The Physical World, the name of Death From Above 1979’s long-awaited follow-up, evokes empiricism–the philosophical belief in all that can be observed with the senses–and with it the hope that the band can champion good ol’ rock and roll–an all-out assault on those aforementioned senses–without the processed excess of modern-day pop. It’s a hopeful prospect. DFA1979’s first couple of releases

Otherness – Kindness

Pop sensibility, jazz and modern R&B influence (take that as you will) would be the only real way to describe

Review: You’re Dead! – Flying Lotus

Ambition is an odd force in music. Sometimes it seems an artist has none, churning out albums hardly any different

I’ll Be The Tornado – Dads

    Dads, the duo hailing from New Jersey strikes again with their newest and second full length album, I’ll

The Juan Maclean : In A Dream

Echoing 80s Dark wave, Nancy Whang’s lyrics on The Juan Maclean’s third album In a Dream (following Less than Human

Bazaar: Wampire

“Bazaar” is a fitting title for this latest Wampire album. Each track has a distinctly different sound as if they

Vamanos – Naive Thieves

Naive Thieves break out into the world with their official debut album, Vamanos. The four piece outfit hails from the

The Big Picture – Kat Edmonson

Kat Edmonson has come a long way since her debut LP Take to the Sky in 2009. The Big Picture

Pleasant Living: Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving parts is a emo-revival band from Fargo, North Dakota made up of brothers Matthew and Billy Chevalier on

Syro – Aphex Twin

Fewer artists command the degree of prestige amongst critics and musicians that Richard David James, better known as Aphex Twin,

Me. I am Mariah: Mariah Carey

Review by Janeal Downs Yes you, you are Mariah. We know that. Mariah Carey started off her 2014 album with

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