I Love You, Honeybear – Father John Misty

  I Love You, Honeybear is a tragic exposé into the creative process of J TIllman’s mind. The abundance of minor keys and sad chords suite the voice of Tillman all too well, yet it’s far from what one might call an album of “sad songs”. Yes, there are sorrowful songs, but when listening to I Love You, Honeybear, one

Review: Drake – If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late (2015)

of all the rappers, drake would release a mixtape and charge money for it… still, he released the lp, if

Bowden’s Breakdown

Malik Bowden’s Basketball Blog Ram Nation, it’s safe to say the ship has not sunk yet. After beating George Mason

Amason: Sky City

Amason’s debut album Sky City is a magnum opus by a band composed of Swedish talent. The band’s makeup, including

Deerhoof, La Isla Bonita

    La Isla Bonita which is English for “The Beautiful Island” (as well as the title of a Madonna

Review: A Lesson Unlearnt – Until The Ribbon Breaks

I first heard Until the Ribbon Breaks as a guest feature on the Run The Jewels song, “Job Well Done”.

The London Sessions – Mary J. Blige

The Queen of Hip Hop R&B is back with a new album that’s not so Hip Hop. Before the end

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance Review

Belle and Sebastian’s release of their new album was a hopeful event for me. I’ve liked listening to Belle and

Viet Cong : Viet Cong

Even through the dissonant guitars clamoring to get your attention in the background, there is no doubt that Viet Cong’s

Bowden’s Breakdown

Malik Bowden’s Basketball Blog Last week taught VCU that you should never get overconfident during your success, and you cannot

Review: TV on the Radio – Seeds (2014)

  With 12 years of professional releases under their belt, TV on the Radio’s trajectory is hard to trace. Their

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