The Premiere: Antennae

Upon receiving my assignment to review an album entitled Sesame Streetcar Named Disaster I immediately found myself with an overpoweringly negative bias.  I typically don’t mind bands trying to be witty within their work, but something about Milk Carton Superhero’s inclusion of my favorite childhood show Sesame Street left a bad taste in my mouth, much like how I felt after seeing Sesame Street Corruptions for the first time.  The cover art features a forlorn Big Bird with an acoustic guitar leaning on a street corner, seemingly contemplating the meaninglessness of life, as a literal street car named “Disaster” begrudgingly mopes by.  I’m sure there’s some sort of humor within this whole ensemble, but once the CD is opened and the actual members of Milk Carton Superstars are exposed, the band photos are even more uncomfortable.  It could just be my lack of years and my affinity for younger, fresher music, but the men making up the band look like sad, old dads who’ve started to dabble in steampunk as a way to make their band seem more “relevant.”

When I finally dove into the music my negative premonitions about the record were not far from what I experienced.  The music sounds as if Collective Soul hired Chris Daughtry to make a record that was not relevant to any time period, idea, or feeling.  The music is vaguely out of the mid to late 90s era by taking obvious notes from bands like Semisonic, the Gin Blossoms, and other alternative rock bands who were frozen in time during the mid-nineties.  However, the Milk Carton Superstars take it a step further and add underdeveloped vocals on top of their overused guitar riffs, thus creating a sound that seems to transport the listener to a sad bar in some sort of backward city where one would be surrounded by middle aged men who smell of beer and sweat.

The feeling that the Milk Carton Superstars seem to be conveying is confusing to say the least.  It’s hard to tell if they are they are being completely serious in their lyrics or have created a satirical persona, a la Tenacious D or Spinal Tap, in turn rendering all their lyrics a joke.  A telling example as to why this record seems like a farce comes at the beginning of the second song on the album called “Beauty in the Eye” when the lead singer Jim Myers laments, possibly seriously, that “you have the greenest eyes for someone who never recycles.”  The absurdity and cheese of “Beauty” lives on throughout the record in songs like “Sugar Palace” where Myers sings, “The sugar palace in my heart is really just a burnt Pop-Tart.”  There is also a song on this album about the so-called “Last Pigeon in America.”  This song seems to be commenting on a multitude of social problems however I honestly can’t decide if Myers is worried about our electronic-based nine to five world’s disconnect with nature, or if he’s just eating a sandwich while watching a pigeon and musing on random and pointless thoughts.  The inclusion of the toy piano in the opening of the song seems to point to the latter, however there is no telling how “deep” this band is trying to get.

The only redeeming factor I have to give this album is that it was created by a pair of old dudes who are still rocking.  They seem to be somewhat fun-loving guys who don’t mind to embarrass themselves a little bit.  There’s something to be said for those who grow old and continue to create some type of art – while the band’s pictures are incredibly lame the two members of the band at least look happy.  However, I feel that since I am a 19-year-old female student who works at a college radio station I could not be farther from the audience intended for Milk Carton Superstars.  These men possibly appeal to other young-at-heart male adults who have something in common with these Orlando-based weirdos.  I, however, hope I will never find myself at a beachside bar and be forced to listen to this strange and uncomfortable alternative rock.


Overall: 20/100

Real Estate: Atlas


It’s safe to say Real Estate’s album Atlas is easy on the ears… but in my opinion it may be too easy. All the elements are there: soft guitar riffs, silky soprano vocals, a sense of sorrowfulness, perhaps a hint of nostalgia. But it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, and it’s seriously lacking in any original thought or idea. Let’s be real. If you’re bored easily, don’t even bother with this one. If you need some background noise that is absolutely distractionless, go ahead and pop this CD in. You may also like it if you need something to cry to after a breakup, or to try and fall asleep to in an airport. To me it sounded like constant white noise. The only songs I thought were at least halfway interesting were Crime, and Navigator. But it is difficult for me to choose the best song as all of them sound the same. I was bored to tears the entire time.

Tracks Worth Listening To:
  • Had to Hear
  • Crime
  • Navigator

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (A GM’s Last Words)

Okay so I’m not dead, nor am I actually dying, well okay in the sense that we are all dying then yes I am dying but I digress. It was a good year for WVCW, correction it was a great year for WVCW. We were on national television, The Aftermath placed in the Top 5 for College Radio Sports Programs, more than tripled our Facebook likes, and some other stuff that has made us the best organization at VCU.

While I could blame myself for these accomplishments, none of this wouldn’t have been accomplished if it weren’t for my executive staff (WVCW’s Mount Rushmore) Erinn, Joel, Paula, and Heather. I am forever in your debt for all your hard work over this year. WVCW also couldn’t have done it without the open doors and guidance of Jon Carpenter, Lauren Katchuk, Greg Weatherford, and Mark Jefferies of the VCU Student Media Center. Finally, I want to thank every member of WVCW who made me want to go to work everyday and made me strive to be the best I could be.

I wouldn’t trade my time at WVCW for anything and I hope that’s how more and more members feel for years to come. And I would like to part some wisdom for future generations.

  1. Shirts= Likes
  2. People will come to meetings if you tell them there will be punch and pie.
  3. If you’re interested in college radio then go there wearing your favorite band shirt, and be prepared to discuss music, ALOT.

I know some BIG things are coming to WVCW in the near future and while I’m sad that I won’t be there when they happen, I am glad to have been a part of it.


– Joel1899869_10203581536043476_2048817630_n copy



WVCW’s Top 20 (4/27/2014-05/03/2014)

WVCW’S Top 20 of the Week List

Tune into our top 20 every Saturday at Noon

The list of our favorite top 20 songs of the week …in no particular descending order




Erreur Humaine



Jessica Lea Mayfield

What’s On Your Mind

The Greyhounds

A Midsummer Evening

Yann Tierson


Ray LayMontagne

The Crash

Motion Animal

The Fire

Kina Grannis

Wild Enough

The Neighbors

Where There’s Love

The Trews


The Rich Hand


The Trouble with Templeton


Wild Adriatic

Heavy Seas of Love

Damon Albarn

Down on My Luck

Vic Mensa

I Got The Moves


I am Very Very Lonely

Chance The Rapper

Cam Girl

Jeremy and The Harlequins



Want It

Kelela Feat. Tink

WVCW’s Top 20 4/19/2014-4/26/2014

WVCW’S Top 20 of the Week List

Tune into our top 20 every Saturday at Noon

The list of our favorite top 20 songs of the week …in no particular descending order





Vunerable (esta. remix)



Ramona Lisa

Sun Model






No Rest For The Wicked

Lykke Li

Let Go

Little Dragon


Boots feat. Beyonce


Real Estate

Savage Victory

Thee Oh Sees

Flesh War

Total Control

Gone Forever


An Island